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A New Look for this ‘Trusted Advisor’

I first launched my personal brand as a ‘trusted advisor’ about 20 years ago after I sold my interest in our business. For the past 9 years, as […]

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Hiring for Entrepreneurial Companies in the Post Pandemic World

Some pundits are expecting to see explosive growth in the economy once people are vaccinated and all of the stimulus money in Canada and the US makes its […]

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Lessons from the Edge

I like to say that “I had my 15 minutes of fame 17 years ago”. That was when the book I co-authored came out. Lessons from the Edge […]

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Building a Better Board

As an advisor to fast-growth companies, I spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to the next level. Given my legal background […]

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Canada’s CPC Program – A SPAC Lite

SPACs, Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations, are all the rage. Billions have been raised by these shell public companies that have lots of cash and are looking for an […]

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