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About Jeff

Jeff Dennis is a lawyer, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and public speaker. He works with fast growth entrepreneurial companies assisting them with commercialization strategy and finance.

He has worked with hundreds of companies in a wide range of industries, including real estate, film and television production, natural resources, financial services, franchising and cosmetics. He has worked with all types of tech companies – cleantech, medtech, proptech, fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency, AI and machine learning, to name a few.


Ever wish that you knew someone who had real, recent, specific experience in just about any business or legal topic – and could explain and teach you in a direct, simple and complete and accurate way? Well, I do. It’s Jeff Dennis. Whether it’s insight into what’s current online, to the minutiae of employment law, to the vast scope of entrepreneurship Jeff is my “go to”. I am lucky to have known Jeff for almost 30 years and count him one of my most respected mentors and friend.

Lorne Merkur, Founder, Adwear


You’d want Jeff on your side of the court as a founder. And as a female, visible minority founder, it’s important to note that Jeff has treated me fairly and equal to my peers. Jeff has saved me from a particularly bad deal and I’m grateful to have had his guidance during that time. I strongly recommend Jeff!

Arwina Mogul, Founder,


I cannot say enough nice things about Jeff. As a client of Jeff, he provides the kind of “tough love” advice that most “polite” people won’t tell you, but that you absolutely need to have. He makes himself available on tight timelines to guide you through your many “emergencies” as an entrepreneur and is always optimistic but realistic. While he has strong opinions, he always opens with the question “what do you want to do?” and then guides accordingly. Finally, he opens his network to you and is ever willing to help with referrals and connections.

Rob Hong, Founder, Sapling Financial


Jeff has been tremendously thoughtful in giving us advice as we started up, based upon his extensive experience. He has a deep set of professional connections that give him a broad knowledge of different types of businesses, as well as the ability to put people together creatively. I highly recommend Jeff as an advisor.

Chand Sooran, Founder, EdgeworthBox


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